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Safemail – for a 99.9% cleaner, safer inbox
The vast majority of security breaches start with an email, and while there’s no doubt that email is one of the Internets most useful applications, it’s also one of it’s most widely abused. Email spam and virus scanning is a proven risk reduction tool.

SafeMail is our attempt to allow our clients to use email with much more confidence than they might otherwise have by providing both business and home users with a filtering service that is guaranteed to filter out 99.9% of spam, scam and otherwise malicious emails.

SafeMail has two components… 

SafeMail Business is an email spam and virus scanning service for business that have a domain name and email service already set up. In this case we just tweak your domain DNS records so that we can intercept and filter your emails before they are delivered to your existing email server. This process is transparent to your users.

SafeMail Home is a fully filtered safe email solution for home users. In this case we will provide you with your own unique SafeMail email address ( We will also help you get set up with a suitable and secure email client or show you how to access our web based email client.

In both cases, dodgy emails will be quarantined. Users will get a notification email once a day so that they can review and if necessary release emails from the quarantine.

SafeMail Business and SafeMail Home are both available either as part of a Safenet bundle or as a stand alone product. 

Please contact us for more information – one of our experienced team will be happy to help you.

If you are a SafeMail Home user looking for the SafeMail WebMail login page, please click here.

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