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How SafeNet Aids Internet Security

At Computerforce we spend all our time dealing with people’s computer problems – that’s what we do – and over the last few years we have been increasingly aware that more and more of the problems we see relate to internet security in some form or other.

Internet security means protecting your network from attacks emanating from the internet and maintaining the security of your files, pictures, databases, emails, and computer systems such that you do not lose the ability to access or use such data or systems.

internet security maze
Navigating Internet Security can be like navigating a maze – it’s a lot easier when you know where you’re going.

Internet Security is a real issue – We’ve had several customers hit with ransomware recently and pretty much any time we look at a client’s firewall logs we see thousands if not tens of thousands of remote connection attempts.

We’ve had a few customers have their online accounts (Microsoft 365 is a common target) hacked and helped to deal with the fall out from such a breach and we’ve had customers with virus and malware infections.

And its not just internet security that’s at issue – we’ve had customers come close to losing irreplaceable data due to accidental deletion or flood damage, only saved by good backups.

Long story short – internet security is now probably the number one cause of IT related concern to small business owners in New Zealand, but we can do something about it, or at least we can minimize the risks. And that’s where SafeNet comes in.

Good security is layered and SafeNet works by bundling up the layers into one package that is managed and monitored by us, so that you don’t have to worry about it.

The sad fact is that the bad guys really are out there, and they really are actively attacking you, even if you are mostly unaware of it. SafeNet is our attempt to put as many barriers as possible between them and you.

SafeNet comprises the following elements. You may not need them all, but they are all available as required.

  • A fast internet connection
  • A secure router with built in firewall and threat detection which will help prevent a direct attack on your network
  • A secure, partitioned WiFi network which prevents attackers gaining access to your systems by connecting to your WiFi.
  • A quality anti-virus package (please, don’t use the free AV products out there – they’re worse than useless!) that protects your individual devices against malware
  • A personal firewall on your PC’s
  • Filtered DNS, which reduces the chance that that you might end up on a malicious website
  • Filtered emails, which minimize the chance that you will fall victim to a scam or click on a malicious link. Our filtering system can reduce spam and malicious emails by more than 99%.

internet security solutions
SafeNet provides internet security solutions to protect your data and computer systems
  • User training to raise employee awareness of security issues and how to mitigate against them
  • ‘Phishing’ tests to ensure your employees are alert to the risks posed by phishing emails
  • Regular scheduled maintenance visits to ensure your systems are kept up to date and that no unidentified gremlins are lurking
  • A good backup strategy so that in the event of a disaster you can recover quickly and inexpensively, with a minimum of down time
  • Disaster recovery exercises to ensure that your backup strategy is sound and to create a good DR process
  • Security audits to ensure the stuff you need to have in place, is in place

No data or internet security mechanism is perfect and nor is SafeNet – if the bad guys are sufficient skilled and sufficiently determined, they probably will get into your systems regardless of the barriers you put in their way – but with SafeNet you can at least rest assured that you are doing everything you reasonably can to safeguard your systems and your data.

You can be sure that your systems are tougher to get into than the next guys and that you are no longer a soft target and, at the end of the day, that’s about as good a situation as you can hope for.

If all this sounds interesting, please give us a call on 0800 367 321 – that’s the first step on a path to better internet security. You can also use the contact us form or just go right to the sign up process.

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